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[biz] ladies: keep more of your income

SvelteBizBookUncle Sam would have you believe that you must give much of your income to taxes. This is not true. You think, "I earned it; Uncle Sam takes it." For all the single [biz] ladies that think this, stop! You can keep and spend more of your income. AND, you can do this with Uncle Sam's permission. He wants you to spend it. He only asks that you DOCUMENT it! That's right, you only need to tell him how you are spending your money and what you are buying! Now, for the first time in a new book just released are the tools necessary to keep and spend more of your income. Available at the world's largest bookstore with the name of one of the largest rivers in the world, if not THE largest (experts disagree). Get one to keep in your purse or car for documenting* all the ways your biz is fabulous.
*Despite information to the contrary, Uncle Sam likes hard copy documentation.